“I have endured neck, back and shoulder pain for some years having suffered from long standing work induced musculoskeletal pain. I decided to enlist the help of Christine and her acupuncture skills, being fed up with the medical professions usual rhetoric of “take Co Codamol and nsaids”. Christine set out a course of treatments for me after an in depth discussion to find the root cause of my problems. She started by using acupuncture techniques, but also advised me to have an Indian head massage and a course of electro acupuncture. I can truly say I’ve never looked back; no more costly and damaging medications just sheer relief through a planned course of complementary techniques. Routinely I still have acupuncture as my work situation has only marginally improved. I also still have a regular Indian head massage which is so relaxing and de stressing. I have nothing but praise and admiration for Christine and her skills as a therapist.”
Joseph 25/03/13


After I was diagnosed with PCOS, Christine gave me a course of acupuncture to regulate my periods and boost my fertility. It worked amazingly as I went from having a very irregular cycle (around one period every six months to having a monthly one). I took ovulation tests as I was trying to conceive and they showed that I was ovulating, so the treatment definitely worked well on me, and I now have a beautiful 6 month old son.
I have also received acupuncture treatments for migraines, mild acne, and an eye infection all of which helped treat the conditions with fast results. I would definitely recommend going to Christine for acupuncture before seeking medical treatment for infertility; it’s a very relaxing treatment (the needles don’t hurt), and very effective.
Jessica 23/03/2013


I have hugely benefitted from the treatments that Christine has given me for PMS. I have found that having treatment has regulated the cycle and helped to reduce mood swings and irritability. The accupuncture has helped to boost my energy when PMS has made me feel lethargic and low.
I am now receiving treatment to delay early signs of arthritis in my hands and have already noticed a reduction in inflamation and pain.
Steph Burton 15 February 2013

Christine has recently given me a course of traditional and electro-acupuncture for quite severe longstanding osteoarthritis in my shoulder, hips, feet and fingers. Following the treatments, there has been a considerable reduction in pain and I can now walk normally again even over relatively long distances.
Gareth Jones, 12 February 2013