Massage: Tui Na and Indian Head Massage

treatment4-2Tui na massage is a system of acupressure techniques that has been used in China for many hundreds of years. It still is used and has an important role in modern hospitals and clinics in China for the treatment of many pain conditions that might be treated by a physiotherapist or osteopath/chiropractor in the UK.

In Japan, shiatsu developed from Tui na and Chinese Medicine theory, whilst acupressure and reflexology also are derivatives of traditional Chinese Tui na.

Tui na massage is a very relaxing form of Traditional Chinese Medicine which can be performed with other treatment methods or on its own.

Trigger points are specific points along the musculo-skeletal system where pain is located; they are often caused by muscle knots, nodules or tight muscle fibres. Tui na is good for stress and anxiety as well as back problems, sciatica and frozen shoulder.

Massage, and the identification of trigger points, can be used with acupuncture for the successful treatment of local pain.

Scientific research trials have shown that pain can also be relieved by applying therapy directly to trigger points. Acupuncture needles can be applied directly into the trigger point rather than applying pressure at the surface level only.